See what the meat rave is all about!  Contact us to pickup already processed meat.  That's right, we raise it locally and process the meat... Prepared for your freezer!  


About Zimmerman's

Zimmerman Meats is a State Inspected meat processing facility with two Missouri locations to serve our customers. Specializing in quality, we offer some of the finest meats, cheeses and bulk foods for purchase in house and online.

We specialize in custom processing of Beef, Hogs, Lamb, Goats, Buffalo and Deer. If you want to have an animal processed, give us a call! Need us to provide the top quality animal for processing? We do that too!


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Zimmerman Meats was established in 2003 by Mr. Ernie Zimmerman who built the business from a small butcher shop he ran by himself to a state of the art State Inspected Meat Processing Plant.  Since then, the Cartwright Brothers purchased the business and desire to grow and continue serving Zimmerman’s customers well.  The new owners saw no need in changing the name as Mr. Zimmerman had built a great reputation and they wanted to continue with the quality already established.

Zimmerman Meats believes in quality and customer service.  Our State Inspected facility practices industry leading process and equipment.  Our showroom features a great selection of our specialty meats.  Looking to try some of the best meat snacks around? We manufacture beef jerky, snack sticks and summer sausage.  Click here to purchase awesome in a bag ☞


Physical Locations



(417) 932-5557


4534 Hwy 17
Summersville, MO 65571


M-F 7a–5p
Sa 8a–12p
Su Closed



(573) 729-MEAT


2168 Highway 32

Salem, MO 65560.


Mon-FRI 9a–6p

Sa- 9a-2p
Su Closed

"Drop Point Location"

Marshfield, MO

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Fill Your Freezer

Why buy meat from the grocery store when you can Fill Your Freezer with Local Raised - Quality Meat. Zimmerman’s specializes in Quality and our Local Raised - Natural Animals are no exception. These are top quality, hand-picked animals that meet rigorous Zimmerman Quality Standards. Order a Half Hog, Whole Hog, Quarter Beef, Half Beef or Whole Beef Today! If you order less than a whole animal, DON’T worry about finding someone to take the other half/quarters… We take care of that!


You’re well on your way to a Freezer Full of Quality, Just Call Today at 573-729-MEAT!


Estimated Pricing (Includes animal purchase and processing):


Half Hog: $175 to $195

Whole Hog: $350 to $390


Half Beef: $950 to $1050

Whole Beef: $1900 to $2100


Note: These are estimates only. Final cost will depend on how the animal is processed and market fluctuations in animal prices.



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